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Alamy Canada

Travel Photographer And Author
Georgian Bay Fresh Water And Parkland
Georgian Bay Fresh Water And Parkland Georgian Bay is the northeastern arm of Lake Huron, in Ontario. It’s characterized by rugged bedrock and white pine forests to the north and sandy southern beaches. Bruce peninsula national park on its western facet includes a part of the Bruce path on the Niagara Escarpment. Fathom 5 National Marine Park is thought for preserved shipwrecks, 19th-century lighthouses, and pot Island’s sea-stack rock formations.
Coin Telescope
Coin Telescope Coin-operated antique binocular at a tourist attraction.
Natural Forest
Natural Forest Canadian forests and natural Resources
Georgian Bay
Georgian Bay lake of Canada
Falls View Canada
Falls View Canada Happy people on the Niagara falls view Canada.
Lake Huron Sun Dance
Lake Huron Sun Dance Lake Huron, is a second largest of the Great Lakes of North America, bounded on the west by Michigan united state (U.S.) and on the north and east of Ontario Canada.
 Georgian Bay
Georgian Bay Midland is located on Georgian Bay in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. The southern end of Georgian Bay's 30,000 Islands, Midland is the economic center of the region
Tourism Canada & USA
Life Is Hard
Life Is Hard It is harder if the whole world at El Nino and global warming.
Lechon Lechon or roast pig recipes in several countries specifically in Spain and the Philippines island
Ottawa Ottawa buildings with canal and lights.
River Niagara River flows north from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. The border between the Province of Ontario in Canada and the State of New York in the United States
Ontario Tourism
Riverside Speed river park of Guelph Ontario, CA.
Lake Adventure
Lake Adventure Guelph Lake Ontario Canada
Nature Canada
Nature Canada Canada is blessed with a stunning variety of landscapes, forest, trees, flora and fauna.
Riverside Park
Riverside Park The riverside park opened 1905 spanning 14.5 acres.
City Of Guelph
City Of Guelph Downtown heart of the city